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EngageMe.TV is a curated content platform that rewards users for watching & engaging with content.

Our mission is to create playlist of awesome content that you can watch in various categories, such as food, movie reviews, app trailers, viral, celeb/entertainment, sports, and news. Most of our content is available exclusively on EngageMe.TV. We have also formed relationship with well known content creators who develop high quality content for additional content. 

Please note, rewards can only be redeemed for gift cards, in-app virtual rewards, or in-game virtual rewards on our partner sites/apps. We currently work with hundreds of partner sites/apps. If you are visiting from a partner, please note that your rewards/redemptions will be handled directly by the partner.

Where is the content from?

Some of our content is created internally/exclusively for EngageMe.TV. In other instances, we license this content from high quality content creators looking for additional exposure.

What type of content can I watch?

Today, you can watch food, movie, celeb, and entertainment content. We are rapidly adding new content to EngageMe.TV every day and will expand into new types of content such as news and sports as well.

How do I earn rewards?

The only way to earn rewards on EngageMe.TV today is to visit us from one of our partners. For every video that you watch, you will earn a variable amount of points.

What partners does EngageMe.TV work with?

We work with hundreds of partners. If you are visiting our site, chances are you came from one of our partners and already know where to find us again. If you are visiting our site from social media or a search engine, please visit one of our partners to start earning rewards on EngageMe.TV. Partners include,,,, and many more.

Why do I get a loading screen before a video plays?

We work with many different advertising partners and are checking multiple sources to look for an ad before your video. The more ads we show you, the more points you will earn.

What is the benefit of creating an Engageme.TV account?

The main way to earn on Engageme.TV is to visit our site through one of our many partners. Signing up for an Engageme.TV account will allow you to link your account (from one of our available partners) directly to Engageme.TV.

This allows you to earn points anywhere at anytime without the need to visit / log in to our partners website first.

How do I link an account to Engageme.TV?

Once you have created your Engageme.TV account. You simply need to provide us your UserID or Username from your Reward Platform account. This is so we know where to send your earned points.

Where do I find my UserID / Username?

Every partner is different, but the most common place to find this information is typically under your “My Account” section, or in the referrals section (usually a series of numbers within the referral URL). We try our best to provide this information to you when linking an account.

What other information am I providing to Engageme.TV if I link an account?

The only information you need to provide us with is your User ID / Username. This is simply so we know where to credit your points. We will never ask you for a password or other personal information from our Partner sites.

I created an Engageme.TV account, but I do not want to link my other accounts? Can I still earn points?

Yes you can! However, not by visiting our site directly and logging in. If you do not wish to link an account, you can still earn points by visiting your Rewards Platform of choice first, and arriving at Engageme.TV through them.

My Rewards Platform I’d like to link is not listed, how can I link it to my account?

Unfortunately not all of our partners are available to link to your Engageme.TV account. We are working hard to include as many partners as possible. If you’re Rewards Platform of choice is not listed, you can still earn on Engageme.TV by visiting and logging into your account with them first.

Interested in sharing your content on EngageMe.TV or advertising on EngageMe.TV? Have additional comments, feedback, or suggestions?

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